Pedicure Treatment Treatment

Spa Pedicures


Our DeLuxe pedicure takes your feet into a buttery, nourishing whole milk soak. A sweet cream scrub polishes dry soles revealing soft new skin beneath. Next, your feet will be layered in a mask of frothy bubbles packed with aloe, vitamin E, and a blend of extract that helps your skin retain its moisture and suppleness. Finally, a rich shea butter massage filled with licorice blossoms leave you sweetly scented and more than satisfied.

Signature Pedicure takes on you on a relaxing journey as a glistening nourishing oil soak preps your toes to experience a fine grain salt polish with notes of sweet cream. Finish with a whipped, feathery marshmallow shea buttercream. Experience nothing like you have ever felt. Our nourishing shea buttercream is rich in emollient oils that will lock in moisture.

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