Nail Treatments/Manicure Treatment Treatment

What Are Spa Manicures?


DeLuxe Manicure is the ultimate in nourishing pampering as your hands soak in whole milk and drink in the nutrients. Next, you will experience sweet cream scrub polish on your hands and fingers, revealing soft new skin beneath. At last, a rich shea butter massage scented with spun sugar and licorice blossom leaves your hands sweetly scented, soft, and glorious.

Signature Manicure will help you relax as you soak your hands in nourishing oil just getting ready for a fine grain salt polish contain notes of sweet cream. Say goodbye to dry skin as you finish with a whipped, feathery marshmallow shea buttercream. You have felt nothing like this before. Our shea buttercream will lock in emollient oils that will moistures your hand long after you leave the spa.

Little Star Manicure (for 12 and under)

Add on – Gel Polish – our shellac gel polish can add shine and richness to your manicure.

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