Body Shaping

Medical Spa Moraga 9 Body Shaping

What Is Body Shaping?

Body shaping, which you might have heard referred to as “body contouring,” is the non-surgical practice of reducing specific pockets of body fat. This treatment is based on new, sophisticated technologies that improve the shape and contours of your body without resorting to surgery, creating scars, or requiring long and painful recovery times.

Body shaping treatments target specific areas of your body and break down fat cells to shrink the size of subcutaneous fat deposits.

If you are at or near your ideal body weight but would like to reshape a particular body part, then this non-surgical, minimally invasive treatment is a fantastic option for instant and long-lasting results.

What You Can Expect

We help you minimize fat and achieve the best body shape of your life with targeted, individualized treatments including Viora V-FORM.

Costs and Frequency of Treatment

As our fat reduction and body shaping treatments are highly customized to our clients’ specific circumstances and concerns, we invite you to contact our team to find out more about pricing and recommended booking frequency.

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